Robert brings a valuable package of job skills

Proven "Learner"
  • Analyzes unfamiliar situations, exhibits creativity, and draws from other resources to get unfamiliar jobs accomplished
  • Committed to personal growth and development
  • Robert's approach is to deal with life the way it is by learning how to get over unexpected hurdles rather than getting off balance

When business requires unfamiliar application skills, Robert learns them. He is committed to doing what it takes to succeed.

To offset timelag in building and updating websites, Robert learned how (and built this website) ... adding another benefit for employers.

Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and other presentation software


  • Accomplished at coordinating wide-ranging activities, prioritizing and delegating
  • Strong people management and relationship building skills; builds long-lasting alliances with co-workers as well as senior management
  • Effectively capitalizes on timely opportunities and trends
  • Built a successful multifaceted business from scratch by surrounding himself with a great technical and management staff and holding on to a common sense approach

Robert has demonstrated his ability to successfully apply
his management skills across a wide range of business disciplines


  • Robert’s approach: "I get to know my customer's business and make a common sense presentation. I can negotiate and sell whatever I believe in. "
  • Driven to succeed
  • Self-reliant
  • Uses resourceful approaches to build long-term relationships with clients based on customer needs


  • Robert’s philosophy: "I believe you can accomplish almost anything in life as long as you work hard, you continue to learn and you remain open-minded."
  • His visionary mind and "I can do this" attitude made Robert instrumental in record successes for a family business, a startup enterprise, an international drug company, a high profile entertainer, a government and a non-profit agemcy.
  • While in college, a young Robert convinced the administration to give him a chance at reviving the college paper they had decided to discontinue. In a year's time, Robert had not only revived the paper, but had it on such a solid financial footing he declined the President's offer of more funds. He had already moved the staff into new quarters, bought new furniture, given everyone the maximum pay allowed and still had a sizable reserve.

The student paper that Robert turned into a thriving business.


  • Persuasive
  • Understands corporate, consumer and community relations
  • Able to communicate effectively at all levels -- organizationally and socially.

Whether serving on an industry panel, teaching a class, or preparing a report for top management -- Robert is comfortable communicating across a broad spectrum from technicians to board members and celebrities to high school students.


Change Facilitator
  • Proven ability to analyze new and unusual situations and then introduce solutions that improve performance and efficiencies
  • Robert’s positive spin on problem solving doesn’t recognize "bad news"; for him, it’s just another element for consideration
  • Keeping in touch with the smallest of details helps Robert move quickly to get to the core of a problem and solve it with greater efficiency and the least effort

Robert's résumé

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